Welcome to the Italian Society of Food Science and Nutrition (SISA)

The Italian Society of Food Science and Nutrition (SISA) is a non-profit scientific society.

The SISA members are scientists, clinicians, chemists, nutritionists and other professionals working in all fields of food and nutrition science ranging from food chemistry to agriculture, food technology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, public health.

The SISA mission is to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge and to provide scientific advice in the areas of food and human nutrition by:

Favoring and promoting meetings and contacts among experts of different disciplines;
Producing and disseminating scientific documents, reports and publications;
Giving scientific support to the agro-food industry and other stakeholders
Encouraging diffusion of knowledge in the field of public health nutrition;
Coordinating research and studies on diet, food composition, nutrition, food chemistry and technology;
Supporting and developing food education projects and programs;
Disseminating different issues of nutritional sciences to general public and consumers.